Bar & Club DJ Minneapolis

If you are looking to add nightlife events to your bar or club in the Minneapolis area, Powerhouse Entertainment will create the vibe that you have in mind. DJ Soundz, of Powerhouse Entertainment, can spin any genre of music including country, techno, rap, r&b, dubstep, rock, blues, jazz, oldies, classics, and top 40. DJ Soundz can also play his guitar live if requested in addition to setting up and hosting Karaoke. With a large music library that covers a wide array of genres, there is a sound for everyone. Whatever event or theme night you have planned, we can help you pull it off successfully. DJ Soundz uses top of the line equipment with over 4,750 watts of pure, clean, crisp sound.  Lasers and a large assortment of LED lights can also be set up if requested.  We carry all legal permits required for an outrageous Laser show.

DJ Music Entertainment – Bars & Clubs

Any bar or club owner in the Minneapolis area looking to add music to their venue can take advantage of DJ Soundz’ unblemished track record. DJ Soundz, of Powerhouse Entertainment can bring entertainment to any theme night or event for your bar or club. Equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and more than enough songs to last all night long, Powerhouse Entertainment is your best bet. If you are looking to bring a night of dancing to your venue, we can accommodate any dance atmosphere you are searching for with top 40, country, techno and beyond. Even if you are looking for a live acoustic guitar session, DJ Soundz has you covered with a wide variety of songs to choose from bringing your venue a positive crowd and good vibes.

Karaoke DJ

Bar & Club DJThe Karaoke scene is alive and well Minneapolis thanks to DJ Soundz of Powerhouse Entertainment. Hire DJ Soundz for your bar or club. DJ Soundz will bring a large selection of songs covering all genres for your patrons to rock out to. Turn your bar or club into a fun and profitable musical venue.

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Book DJ Soundz for your club or bar, and watch your foot traffic increase steadily. We offer special rates, a substantial amount of songs of any genre and unbelievable sound quality. Our karaoke and live guitar will also be a huge hit keeping your patrons coming back for more and bringing in more profit to your venue. We can work on a weekly or monthly basis. Give Powerhouse Entertainment a call today.